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Ali Taher Togoi Taher: Strategic Business Planner For GF Solutions


Professional Profile Of An African Business Man

Mr. Ali Taher Togoi Taher is a businessman from Africa wielding verifiable expertise in the domain of strategic planning for businesses, corporate financial negotiations and evaluation, international business relations and construction management.

Hailing from Chad and having lived in Kinshasa in the  Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mr. Taher has built extensive cross country corporate contacts within Africa and with several members of the royal family, in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait.

Mr. Taher joined GFS Solutions in 2016 as a shareholder and is also vice president of strategic planning.

GFS, has two other subsidiaries: GFS Energy, LLC (FGSE) and GFS Housing, LLC (GFSH)

He negotiates financial needs for the GFS group for the various projects, successfully. Its relations are at the level of heads of state.


In partnership with Terra Star Energy, Ali Taher Togoi Taher led the  installation, financing and operation of  plastic waste gasification plants as energy waste or waste in the process of recycling synthetic gas; for which same contract, international deal with Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone was executed.

With his expertise in business strategic planning GFS Solutions remains top-notch in the  supply, finance, operation of  solar systems across international boundaries.

On August 6, 2020, Mr. Taher concluded a contract for the rehabilitation and modernization of the Zongo 1 hydroelectric power plant worth almost a quarter of a billion US Dollars.  This was financed by the Exim bank of China.  Mr. Taher also spearheaded the conclusion of a contract signed with SNEL, the DRC utility company to provide several MW as a pilot project.

Mr. Taher has authored and leads the execution of several projects by GFS  in Chad, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea Conakry.


Ali Togoi Taher supervised the construction of 1. 495 homes in Abidjan. Plans are in formative stages to build dormitories and classrooms at 3 universities in Ghana, as well as a 5,000-unit unit.

In Guinea Conakry, Mr. Taher led in  signing  a contract to build 2,000 middle to upper-class housing units for employees of a private company. As well as  a contract to build an additional 1,000 units in Abidjan.

Construction of a village structure in Dakar is in final stages of planning.

Mr. Taher leads the contract for the building of approximately 10,000 homes to be built on government land in Togo.

Ali Taher Togoi Taher maintains contacts which leads  to the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the European Development Bank and Middle Eastern funds, while working closely with the Head of Investment at Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and others.

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